Information Technology

Company ‘s Business Processes are a set of elaborations that could be codified and summarized by transitions. Digitalized Transitions, their filing and processing are the scope of every company that would bring theri processes at a top level automatization to achieve best efficiency and, contemporary, low workload.

In order to build an efficient informative system, Iride, has defined priority series that are used in analysis and development stage:

Company Processes are similar between companies, but in the activity the capacity of highlight and manage peculiarities that make an informative system suitable to your own company.

Different area processes have a different strategical weight and so their evaluation have to be built together with the Management
The safety of the strategic processes cover a relevant choice about technologies to choose. The usage of logical processes go in that direction and reach the target to build your own informative system in conjunction with Iride.

Reporting System

Collecting Information and the consequent elaborations will be still available to the Company’s Management

Data’s are collected and presented in easy to read-use registries.

Then it’s possible to extract data as default reports or Excel files which are further easy evaluability

Data’s can be represented also as histograms and pie charts for an immediate understanding and readability

Key Factor of reporting systems is the unambiguous about generated information that means that information has to be coherent.

Future Projects

We ‘re continuously follow the market and we put strong attention on dematerialization of the documents.

We consider that the activity of dematerialization cannot be delayed and the need to speed up the bureaucracy to lower the idle time of production. We ‘re already working to integrate in our system the ability to directly communicate with the income revenue authority to send the invoices and sales receipt.

In that way the Company could gain benefits expected by law and eliminate the usage of hardware like the cash register.


Peculiar attention is pointed out to costs to use our software in the Company. We have an ambitious project: to serve solutions exclusively online at a considered non interesting costs for the industry.

Online solutions will be the future, maybe not today because of quality of connections, but surely will be tomorrow. Global market is competitive and we want to confront our self with new standards. So we have catalog that is considered permanently under cost.

Because of that we choose to supply the software as Saas (software as a service). We get rid of expensive server , installation and, multiple licenses costs with company with many pc stations.

So the Company will be have to his disposition everything at competitive costs and can point his investments in his own business.