Presence detection

It is a simple and low-cost solution that does not require a classic detection tool.

It is mainly aimed at the assistance services industry.

Avoid the expense for the hardware structure, replaced by a QR code that photographed allows you to highlight the presence of the operator.

We trace the geographical position where the intervention took place, we can know its duration and proximity.

An IT register is filled in with the data and the possibility of summarizing inputs / outputs / duration of the intervention with a precision suitable to the type of need.

In this way the operating secretariat can follow in real time the activities carried out by its collaborators in external documents to document inputs and outputs as well as the routes made for the purpose of reporting, also accounting, of the trafìsferte.

The necessary hardware is represented by your smartphone.

The software is online, you will have the availability of direct connection with Google Maps and the results will be interfaced with your management systems or with IrideWEB.