IrideWEB is our “management” software that supply every consultant activities.
IridWEB is a software completely WEB BASED, open source. Completely developed in Italy from our italian technicians. Our innovative software provide accountant, repository, traceability functions and lots more.

Our Company started his work back in 1999 and we have a combinations of projects already started and operative. A concrete intent to search solutions. Our experience started by using suppliers and today we are completely independent and totally developed by our selves.
It’s very interesting to see how every management has strength in details; and we follow and improve that idea become real. We are side by side with the management to support their needs and bring them inside an IT plan to be able to use the IT instrument as a medium to grow.

We realized accountancy functions and we integrate them in the management software which include repository, traceability, activity tickets and more.

Accountancy is for us an analysis element that provides correct management of cost center and an indicator for budget report. For the management part of the software we supply data regarding production and development.

And if you need a Business Intelligence solution we use an external solution like Qlikview.

IrideWEB specifications

Software As A Service (SaaS) innovative, competitive and inexpensive and it allows to:

  • Accountant planned with a public accountant;
  • Management software with repository and production modules to obtain the traceability;
  • Cost center is a simple and practical concept to take decisions;
  • Cash register system but linked to the management software, because every company objective is to sell;
  • … and many more so that we can welcome every new idea.

Accessibility is guaranteed from every part of the globe. For us the only limit is the web.

Customization of the work environment with traceability of users and set menu functions to suite every needs and every operator.

IrideWEB answer to different needs:

  • Simple and intuitive software;
  • Instrument to archive documents;
  • Adaptable to every internal management processes;
  • Logic of operation traceability;
  • Accessible from anywhere on the web;
  • no licenses limitations;
  • unlimited pc stations;
  • minimal Hardware costs;
  • Accessibility guaranteed 24/7.