Born from experience

… based on consultancy activities inspired by ISO 9001:94 law. It evolves quickly with external supplier and, today, with a completely internal developed solutions. From the start we tougth that joining organizational authority and IT would be a fundamental element of a company’s success.

Hymn to consultancy…

The activity starts with the implementation of a UNI EN ISO 9000 management system to certificate management processes and self company controls.

Today ISO 9000 is the base and guarantee for ISO 14001 (environment0), ISO 18001 (security), ISO 22005 (traceability), BRC and IFS (food safety), DL 231/01 (civil liability) scheme.

A challenging experience because quality enter inside the hearth of the company and then analyse and setup an improvement and continuous process.

Objectives, indexes, capabilities and knowledge available to the company because that is the idea and how we shape the work.

For all of this Iride consider necessary the use of dedicated and mandatory law instruments with IT support.

…and to Information Technology

IT as an knowledge and processes management instrument.
The company define the policy lines. We help to build solutions to approach better competitions inside the market.

We choose to supply our solutions as SaaS (Software As A Service) to follow market trend that become day by day more cost conscious.

We Develop web and cloud concepts as competition elements.

Our solutions are built on top of our experience and with the support with our specialized consultants:

  • management Software;
  • accountancy module;
  • data collection and processing in reports;
  • e-commerce;
  • cash register linked up to out management software;
  • ….

Solutions designed and patterned by hand

consultancy and IT are personal instruments. Every business reality is unique.

Out job starts to understand the idea of the entrepreneur on his reality and his business model. Because of that, we want to build a solid trust partnership to build up a system in which effectiveness and efficiency are a central part of the partnership. First phase is to understand the scope of intervention, evaluate processes that affects and perform using risk analysis a first evaluation based on objectives established by the Company Management and define a correct intervention plan.
For this we use all our experience to bring to our customers best attention and cure.
The definition of management procedure is the result of consultancy, and with IT support we are able to render that results effective and efficient.
We choose the WEB … as our instrument ….

Thank you

We want to offer sincere thanks to everyone that worked with us in the past years, Customers and Suppliers, allowing a reciprocal growth of our knowledge.